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Choose the tower, swing attachment, and accessories to create you own playset.

Beyond just childhood dreams, outdoor play is extremely beneficial for all children.  A well designed play set provides children many of the same healthy benefits as circuit training for adults.  Incorporating components that foster heart healthy, cardiovascular exercise coupled with developmentally challenging activities are vital to a well balanced childhood.  


Choose the tower, swing attachment, and accessories to create you own playset.

Extend those childhood dreams with the timeless value that our Polymer Play Sets provide.  The heart of each play set is our solid-wood, premium treated Western Timber which is 100% splinter free!  Couple that structural integrity with the inherent safety and maintenance benefits that polymer provides, and you will certainly appreciate investing in its lingering quality and lasting beauty long after price is forgotten.


These rugged wooden swing sets offers quality construction.

Swinging from monkey bars strengthens the upper body while enhancing hand-eye coordination.  Running up and down stairs to slide improves lower body strength and aerobic fitness.  Navigating a rock climbing wall teaches children to take risks and overcome their fears thereby increasing their self-confidence while strengthening their arms, legs and shoulders.  Above all, learning these different skills and testing them daily will improve their balance, dexterity, flexibility, and their core strength.  Overall, it also strengthens their little hearts, lungs, and bones.  In sharing these healthy benefits, never underestimate the intrinsic value of also enhancing a child’s positive body image and self-esteem during the impressionable years of their youth. 

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