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Choose the tower, swing attachment, and accessories to create you own playset.

Your child can be the next to blast off, rocketing to the moon. Tomorrow, your child will be the ringmaster in the center ring of the circus. Last week, they were pirates sailing the seven seas, searching for hidden treasures. With their imagination and a Tower playset, there are no limits to where they can go.

Follow these 3 easy steps to create your unique playset.





Junior Watch Tower

Regular Watch Tower

Junior Deluxe Watch Tower

Deluxe Watch Tower

Cafe Watch Tower

Classic Deluxe Watch Tower

Grand Deluxe Watch Tower

Ultra Watch Tower

Regular Playhouse

Deluxe Playhouse

The Tower is the central unit for the system. Choose from the following:

The Swing Attachment provides versatility to the Tower. SOS Barn Store offers 3 choices for your Swing Attachment. Please choose from the following:

Our Accessory options add extended use and can expand as your child grows. Some of our most popular options are:











Gang Plank

Rock Wall

5' Turbo Slide

6' Turbo Slide

Floor and Picnic Table

Horse Glider

Infant Seat








3-Position Swing Attachment

4-Position Swing Attachment

End Ladder Attachment





When your kids complain about boredom, it’s ok to let them figure it out for themselves. While it might be disheartening to see them wasting time, it’s an important lesson to help them be in charge of their own time–and entertainment. Sometimes, it’s easy to cave and hand your kids an iPad to keep the busy. But try to stay strong, and suggest that perhaps they go outdoors, and use their leisure time with the backyard playhouse; or grab a book and find a comfy spot to read.

Our playsets are constructed of top quality, grade C lumber, which is 2 grades higher than standard and is hard to obtain. It is treated with copper azole which is 100% environmentally friendly and safe. Copper azole contains a moisture stabilizer making the lumber less likely to crack and show signs of aging while increasing appearance and stability. In addition, the lumber is sprayed with an ultra violet stain sealer and is also kiln dried to retain a higher quality product. The little extra costs involved ensures you receive the best quality and maximum durability. 

Free setup and delivery - within 30 mile distance of SOS location. Additional mileage will be charged accordingly. If the playset is to be installed in a fenced area, the gate clearance must be a minimum of 1’ wider than your Watch Tower. For example...if your watch tower is 5’ wide, you will need a 6’ gate. If your gate is not wide enough, we can build your Watch Tower on site for an additional 10% of your Watch Tower cost. 


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